We are
Lumen Software.

We craft beautiful software and mobile applications that just work.

Who we are

Lumen Software is a Montreal based software development and design agency. We use the latest open source technology to provide best in class B2B software application.

We currently work with React, React Native, AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB and GraphQL.

We consider ourselves a unique breed of software engineers and artisans; it is our commitment to take your business requirements and give you something that will exceed expectations.

What we offer

Web Software Development

Lumen Software is made of full-stack and senior software engineers that have produced and/or have led front-end and mobile app development teams. With our combined experience, our team have completed over a hundred B2B projects spanning all industries. Our software development passion and history is our testimony in providing our customers a triple-A interaction and deliverables.

Mobile App Development

Whether you are planning to build an enterprise level iPhone app or need to create a MVP and pitch your next idea to your investors, we are the team that will make this happen. We breathe mobile technology and its native UI. We make full use of React Native to build native iOS and Android experiences for our clients. We also have the ability to develop with Apple Swift using Xcode as well.

Design and Prototyping

Our entire team is composed of developers skilled in multiple disciplines. However, we all share a common strength; we understand software design trends and aesthetics. We are experts in illustrations, UI engineering and graphic design. Our attention to detail is self-imposed; we leave no pixel unturned.

Free Consultation

Please introduce yourself, let us know how we can help and send us your coordinates at inquire@lumen.io

Say hi!

We are currently working on our website (yes, what you see is our under construction page!) and we would like to get your feedback.

Beam us a message to hello@lumen.io